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Nick Hunter

Prior to joining RCC, Nick Hunter worked on UI/UX design at FileMaker Inc. for 6 years.  Nick Hunter created the bundled starter solutions that are part of every FileMaker installation; his work is seen every day by millions of FileMaker users.

After joining RCC, Nick assumed responsibility for ongoing UI design in the FMSP product, ensuring the latest and most modern design aesthetics are available to the FileMaker community.

Nick has been a frequent speaker at FileMaker’s Developer conference, and is a recognized expert in FileMaker UI and UX design.

Image Gallery in FileMaker - Day 1

This video is a behind the scenes introduction to FM Gallery and the vision behind it. Nick talks about cutting edge features, such as Clarifai - AI technology integrated into FM Gallery. Nick also talks about his custom record management and responsive design in FM Gallery.

Image Gallery in FileMaker - Day 2

Nick Hunter is back to show us his fantastic FM Gallery! In this video Nick explains HEIC files, relationships in FM Gallery, adjusting the zoom of photos and how the gallery is generated.

Image Gallery in FileMaker - Day 3

In this video Nick talks about how to make virtual lists perform faster and how to generate the gallery on a server. Also included in this video are techniques for easier debugging and a discussion about the fragmentation of FileMaker files.

Image Gallery in FileMaker - Day 4

A demo and explanation of opening photos displayed in the gallery, selecting multiple photos in the gallery and saving photos as different file sizes and image formats. Also included in this video is how to rotate photos and an introduction to sips - scriptable image processing system.

Image Gallery in FileMaker - Day 5

Showcasing the new Emoji Gallery for FileMaker Pro and saving photos with dated or numbered file names. In addition to this more information on sips and how FM Gallery uses shell scripts to export photos.

Image Gallery in FileMaker - Day 6

In this final installment of the FM Gallery live streams, Nick Hunter shows how to import photos from a folder and how to assign photos to an Inspection Component. Also featured in this video is a demo of using a card style window to open a layout from another file and a brief discussion about the localization of FileMaker files.

Implementing FM Gallery with Nick Hunter

FM Gallery has all the advantages of a typical image gallery with high performance and speed. Save versions of photos in multiple formats and generate your gallery locally or on a server

FM Gallery Webinar 2017

A very special conversation about photo management and an overview of Nick Hunter's design expertise. FM Gallery combines the features of Apple's photo apps natively in FileMaker with the ability to view thumbnails and select multiple photos.

Image Rotation in FileMaker

In this video Nick showcases the new feature of rotating images in FileMaker. FM Gallery allows you to save selections of photos and edit them in batches. No plug-ins required (Requires Mac).

What is FM Gallery?

FM Gallery has over a decade of work behind it and was designed to mimic Apple's Photo App. Delete, sort, change events and group photos together all within a 100% pure FileMaker database. FM Gallery is designed to be a flexible add-on module that can be integrated into any solution.

FM Camera and FM Gallery | Photo Management for FileMaker

Simplify the process of image capture and storage in the cloud with FM Gallery. Image collection can be done while the user is offline and photos can be synced to the cloud when an internet connection is available. FM Gallery works with iPhone and iPad and is completely unlocked which allows for customization.

Image Conversion in FileMaker

FM Gallery has gorgeous dialog windows for making image conversions. Choose from a variety of image formats and file sizes. Files are NOT just renamed, they are completely converted.

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